“Ich bin kein Nostalgiker ”

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Vor einigen Wochen habe ich mit anderen Studenten des IMS zusammen eine Zeitschrift produziert. Die Zielsetzung war unseren Studiengang „Witty“ und „Gritty“ in der Deutsche-Welle zu präsentieren. Das „Stay-up“ in unserem „Newsroom“ bis 2:00 Uhr morgens am Abgabetag hat sich … Continue reading

Mushroom Manics

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There are people who love fungi even more than the super Marios – a story I wrote for our  print project in Berlin. Located on the fifth floor in the Foundation of Environmental Protection Berlin, the meeting room of Berlin-Brandenburg Mycological Working Group … Continue reading

Stylish for the Beijing seniors?

advertisement from the era of China Republic with a modern girl in Qipao (ad slogans: the happy lady. why is she full of happiness? Because her Indanthrene clothes has the brightest color, which  will never fade despite exposed to the sun or repeated washing...it's worth its cost!) © 2011 tianlin. All rights reserved.

This is a random project from last summer when I was still living in Beijing, a city I’d rather call a big town, mixed with tasty traditions and as semifinished modernist instead of a metropolis.  My friend Susi and I … Continue reading

Everyone deserves a “Wendepunkt”

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Director: me Camera: Myles Tweetie Music&Sound: Montisquirrel The German word “Wendepunkt” means “Turning Point”. This short film introduces a rehabilitation center in NRW, Germany, that has been practicing work therapy for 23 years. Work therapy helps lost individuals find and … Continue reading